Found Michael and Thomas from The Ussy after they followed me on Twitter.

I’ve never used a silicon toy for myself. Rosie Palmer always works. But I’m intrigued at these because they are screaming porn or fantasy sex.

A couple of questions from the makers themselves:

What is it?

Its abstract, beautiful, stylish, gender-neutral, and made out of high quality silicone . Functionally, one of the big differences is that you squeeze it to make it as tight as you want. It’s soft and easy for anyone to hold. You can cover its breathing hole to make suction and it has spreadable lips that massage with your movement. Hold it from the top, the bottom, with one hand or two, and turn it in every direction. Every position will lead to a new sensation. You can also have it in any color you would like.

Why does it look this way?

I wanted to make something easy to hold and that looked like a modern sculpture that didn’t have a sex or gender but had a seducing power from the shape and curves alone. An elegant abstract work of art that you can stick your penis in, and when you do it should feel as good as it looks. I wanted it to be unique and complex but appear simple, and I wanted to allow the user to be able to improvise and play with it. The creative process definitely had its hand in materializing things that I didn’t think of when I first started out, so I guess it ended up exceeding my expectations.


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